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  • JellyrollZillerwig

    That's a big part of me gone.. lol

    This is my final goodbye, its been almost 3 years since I first joined, but as I got older Toontown got boring quickly. Still disappointed its gone, I odubt there was ever anything going on at the golf course (I dont even remember what its called)

    but anyways, the days were fun back in 2011 with toontown, but I moved on.

    Ill miss you guys, but, thats life I guess.

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    who knows, i might check back in a few months/years. But for now, its pretty much goodbye.

    I leave you with this -

    Because I know you're flooding in tears because im going.


    PS. I was the first Top Toon of the wiki.


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  • JellyrollZillerwig

    OK, so I made a mistake. i know it hasn't even been a month on here.

    But I tried to get a rollback position and my personality took over that. I'm not usually a bad person, just I can get frustrated very easily.

    I recently had an argument with TheRobertsFamily3 on the Fanon wiki.

    As Bermuda said my actions were un-admin like. I was frustrated that day, things IRL weren't good and made some remarks at him, not realising he was autistic.

    As a result of this I've decided to resign from both this and the TT Fanon Wiki.

    I accept that I did wrong actions for an admin/rollback. I hope this wiki turns out succesful and that you all have a good time.

    I bid you farewell.


    The name's Zillerwig. JellyrollZillerwig. Send me a message! 12:25,…

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  • JellyrollZillerwig

    OK, so Ive said before I was going to be more active on wikia.

    I say alot of things.

    They arent necessarily all true.

    But anyway, I am hoping to do some more editing and keep active like I do on the toontown fanon wiki.

    Now sit on my lap for story time with Jelly.

    I stopped playing TT well over a year ago now, stopped becoming active on this wiki and blocked toontown out of my life for ages really.I do miss it a bit, especially some of my friends on there, but Ive managed to keep in touch via youtube and stuff.

    I'm still regularly active on the internet, type in "kristianj99" or "krazilykoolklips" or stuff like that to find me.

    I hope if I become active enough I can get a position of staff on this wiki.

    I'll probably be fixing spelling mistakes an…

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  • JellyrollZillerwig

    Just a reminder to new members that if there is any type of Fanfiction you want to post you should join the Toontown Fanon Wiki.

    The reason I am posting this is purely because it has been a little inactive lately, and I'd love to see lots of new members join to get this place active again. :)


    Maria Sharapova <3 Send me a message! 14:05, August 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • JellyrollZillerwig

    I was just wondering basically what you want to do when you're older, seen as most of the people on this wiki are Under 15-ish. (I'm 13)

    For me, I'd love to get a partnership with Machinima and get Google Adsense.

    Basically you get paid everytime someone views your channel.

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