• Jbwierzbicki

    What a week right? We have several updates and community events going on right now, and I'm going to lay it down for you.

    Okay, first of all what's the wackiest week of the year? That's right it's April Toons Week! Here's what crazy stuff is going on this week:

    • Been to your estate lately? Well, better check it out! Now at your estate whenever you jump (ctrl) you get blasted into the air, due to loss of gravity. Also, YOUR DOODLES ARE TALKING!!! What? Go online and check it out!
    • Have you noticed any changes in the playgrounds? Well, take a look around and you will see that your favorite Disney characters have changed playgrounds! What am I talking about? Go online and check it out!

    Well, with all the wackiness going on, did anyone notice what m…

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