Now entering B.A.S.'S chat

Me: Welcome to my chat! The list of who is a guide for who is here

Litttle : Toontown Centrel

Love : The Brrrgh

Lucky : Minnie's Melodyland

Frostmoon : Donald's Dock

Cloudi : Daisy's Gardens

Me : Donald's Dreamland!

Me  : Ok lets start!

Little is doing toontown centrel in our guide

Toontown Centrel

Ok so you wanna learn about TTC? Well you came the right place!

It can be tricky at the end but it is pretty easy!

Flippy gives you three tasks to do for gag training

1 defete four cogs

2 defete for lawbot/cashbot/bossbot/sellbots

3 visit Punchline Gym/ The Laughin Place. /Toontown Library

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