THE HACKERS ARE BACK AND FILLING TT WITH BOTS AGAIN!! It's happening again and I will be posting a full list of all the hackers participating soon.

Danger Levels

Danger Level 0- This is when there are no hackers at all anywhere in Toontown. Toontown hasn't been at 0 since 2010 when the hackers first attacked.

Danger Level 1- This is what Toontown is normally at these days. It means there are some hackers around but they're not attacking.

Danger Level 2- This is when there is a dangerous amount of hackers and an attack is imminent. Some districts would be deemed unsafe at this time.

Danger Level 3- This is the worst and it is when a hacker invasion is happening and it is when going on Toontown at all would be deemed unsafe.

Unsafe Districts

  • Welcome Valley
  • Zany Acres
  • Toon Valley
  • Goofyport

Toontown is in between Danger Level 1 and 2. There are a lot of hackers but another invasion isn't very imminent.

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