In January 2010 an era started in Toontown. The Hacker Era. Many new hackers came with new hacks like resetting servers and banning toons. July 1st 2010 was the worst day in Toontown History. All those hackers came on and made havoc on Toontown. It was in ruins. But luckily, that marked the end of the hacker era.

Now comes the new hacker era! Instead of many hackers doing annoying hacks but not dangerous hacks, 2 hackers remain active but they are super-active. People have been seeing them more and more. Many people's accounts are also being hacked. It has only been 2 weeks of this new hacker era and the situation is already worse than the whole first hacker era put together. It's gotten to the point where Disney workers have to come on to find the hackers. The two major hackers are Zippy and many different Freckles.

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