I have an idea to get rid of the hacker pages. There will be one hacker page. It will have the definition of a hacker and sections for the most important hackers. I have made this blog as the official voting place for whether the idea will go into effect or not. This is the project headquarters.

The votes were 100% yes to this idea so now it is going into effect!

Voting Started: 11/25/10 Voting Ended: 11/28/10

Wiki Rules Passed With This Release

  • Any hacker pages (Other than the one Hacker page) shall be marked for deletion ASAP. (Original Rule)
  • Do not make pages about hackers. The page will be moved to the Toontown Clan Wiki. (Updated Rule)
  • Do not add sections about hackers on the Hacker page. (New Rule)

Note- You can make blogs about hackers just not pages. Any pages you make about hackers may be turned into blogs.

This has been a GamerPerson Project Release Blog

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