This blog is a list of hackers for 2011. Some have returned from last year and some are brand new. Here is the place I want YOU to report any hackers you've seen this year or if you seen any proof of a hacker coming this year. I need names!

I realize all hacker names are not probably on this list and I say that because of the many new hacker clans.

Hacker Clans for 2011

  • Team Fd- Main Clan (Replacing Anti-Clan)
  • Mod Clan
  • Team Smart
  • Team Generator
  • Team Ultimate
  • Team Trap
  • Team Snow
  • Team Duke

New Hackers for 2011

  • Zippy
  • Green Cat
  • AtomicMan
  • Frenzy
  • Fleabag
  • Paintball
  • King Master Leroy
  • Master Loopy
  • Wierdo Hector
  • White Out
  • Ruffle
  • Devoid
  • Midnight
  • Ricky
  • Hissy Fit
  • Rachel
  • Fritz (Horse)
  • Mega

There are more unconfirmed hackers that have reportedly come this year.

Hackers Returning for 2011

  • Evil Kid Bugs
  • Incorrect
  • Duke Duke Dizzyspeed
  • Fritz (Dog)
  • Freckleslam imitators
  • Trap Cat

Hackers Leaving for 2011

  • Freckleslam (Former Most Famous Hacker)
  • Anti-Clan (Former Most Famous Hacker Clan)
  • Kyle
  • Kiwi
  • Bumblecorn
  • Gears

Bots (From Hacker Invasion)

  • Sea Green Cat (Dominant)
  • White Horse
  • Royal Blue Monkey
  • White Cat
  • Red Dog
  • Orange Horse
  • Blue Cat
  • Sea Green Rabbit
  • Citrine Mouse

Note: All Hackers That Come After August 2011 will be counted as new hackers in the 2012 list coming April or May 2012

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