Welcome to the June Summer Celebration!

This is the place to catch up on everything happening in this new blue Summer Celebration! By now we should all be out of school so it's time to PARTY!!!

Here we can talk about what's going on this Summer. I am going to be at home working on both my websites, the wiki, and making my cartoon series'

Right now on the wiki 2 projects that were on hold are back and the most successful feature on the wiki ever is also coming back.

That's right, EDIT TRACKS ARE BACK! Also, Project: Music is now back and adding music to all the pages that need it. And Project: Cog Profiling is back and will get pictures of all the cog's profiles on the cog pages. That has been on hold for a long time. After that we'll find more things that need to be fixed and there will be more projects. But possibly not for long. This wiki is getting more and more perfect. Soon it will be perfect and there won't be as many projects. But there will always be new features coming from the one, the only, the awesome, GAMERPERSON!!!

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