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This blog explains how to access Phase Files. What are Phase Files you ask? They are Disney's files for 3d games like Toontown, Pirates Online, and World Of Cars Online.

  1. Go to and go to Downloads
  2. Then download Panda3d SDK for Developers.
  3. Then open your personal folder (Has your name of the computer)
  4. Open your Computer folder and open (C:) and open Program Files
  5. Open Disney, then Disney Online, then ToontownOnline.
  6. Scroll down until you get to Phases (example: Phase_3)
  7. Copy Phases 3-13
  8. Paste them in your personal folder
  9. Open Computer and open (C:)
  10. Open Panda3D-1.7.2 or Panda3D-1.8.0 and search Multify
  11. Copy Multify and Paste it in your Personal folder
  12. Press Start and search Command Prompt and open Command Prompt
  13. Type: Multify.exe -x -f
  14. Keep typing this but change the Phase number every time. Only do the numbers of phase files you copied to your main folder.


This will work with any game that uses Panda 3D.

This only works if you have the Phase in your personal folder

It is perfectly legal to look at the Phase Files and listen to music in the Phase Files.

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