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Field Offices Coming Possibly Tomorrow...- continued

Well now not only are the mega invasions in full swing but the news has leaked that Movers and Shakers are stealing jokes! Think, you have to GET jokes in Field Offices. You know what that means. Field Offices are coming THIS WEEKEND! Be on as early as possible tomorrow because I'm gonna be ready for our newest threat. Toons of the World Unite!

News Blogs

Well now this wiki's newest feature is being adapted to work for everyone. So far four people have their news blogs placed in the schedule. I will let people start reserving their blogs for the week of 2-14 this Sunday. I also plan on adding many more new features to the wiki in the coming weeks.

Spam Almost Gone!

So far I've gotten rid of almost 170 spam pages! They are almost all gone and I plan on eliminating the last of it in the coming weeks. It will be one of my new features and improvements that I will be releasing soon. I will also be releasing some of my first operations soon. My first one will be released next week.

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Man for the job's Report

Ok, about 90 per cent are excited, maybe because most of the people I asked had membership, one Toon or two Toons said they are going to get member because of it! I also asked them if they had a test account, most of them no. ~Man for the job

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The poll was created at 01:21 on February 5, 2011, and so far 15 people voted.

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