New User Page

Well now my user profile has officially been redone. I am coming out with a fresh start and tons of new projects and ideas for the Summer. My user page still has all it's old sections they've just been added differently. They are in tabs that you can switch through for the different sections.

Golden Age

I'm going through what I'm calling my Golden Age as a user. Me and Bermuda are running the biggest project ever on this wiki (That's official), I have 2 projects on hold because of it that will start soon so that's 2 projects generating a lot of edits. I am approaching my 10th project here (that I started), I have the 2 most popular blogs on this wiki (ever) With one ending up with probably over 200 comments. It still has almost 2 weeks to go before closing. This whole wiki has tons of visiters and is getting a whole new look. It has an average of around 30 edits per hour and some of the best users I've ever seen on Wikia. (Including all my fellow admins that are active) I love the wiki life and right now it's at a peak for me. I'm also approaching my first year anniversary of being here, I'm hosting another Wiki Celebration, and I'm approaching my 3000th edit here. I remeber when I was at about 300. Maybe August or September.

June Summer Celebration

That's right! The next Wiki Celebration is coming. I announced it was coming 2 Gamer News issues ago but now since we're about a month away from it your getting all the details. It will be from Jun 11th to June 20th and will be hosted by me, GamerPerson! (It was kinda obvious) The testing will be June 10th so we won't have much time with our new theme before it starts but it'll be awesome!

June 11th

June 11th will be another big day on the wiki like April 23rd was. 2 new features and a project were introduced on that day and the whole wiki was changed. June 11th will be like that but reversed. A feature will be returning (I bet you can guess what it is) and 2 projects will finally resume. Here's what will happen:

  • Project:Music will resume
  • Project:Cog Profiling will resume
  • Feature:Needed Editing will resume
  • June Summer Celebration will start and go for a week.

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