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Well you can probably guess we're not the #1 gaming wiki but I was just looking at the wiki that is and it's it's crazy how active it is. It took 6 wiki activity pages to get through 3 hours of edits. For us 6 pages is like 2 days. The Fallout Wiki is the most active gaming wiki out of the 1000s of gaming wikis. Soon I'll be checking what number we are on the list of top gaming wikis.


I couldn't get an exact number from wikia but they said we are in the top 250 and told me to check out to see how much it's picked up. I was looking and it's crazy. Switch to month then go to the right of the chart and press all. It shows how much it's picked up from 5/18/08

Q Games Website

My small gaming company finally has a website and it can be found at I already have a bunch of games out and more are coming this Saturday. Q Games is also a site to go and play games made by other people. I get most of them from More games will slowly be added to that site and 3 more sites are coming about the different game series' that are made by Q Games.

How many people do we have?

I found out this wiki gets about 5.3 thousand viewers every month. Wikia altogether (all wikis) get an average of about 44.9 million viewers a month. I also looked up the POTCO Wiki and they get over 15000 viewers a month. The Pirates wiki gets over 58000 viewers a month.


Sorry for the past 2 days I haven't been as active here I've been really busy working on Q Games. It's now fully established as a gaming website and I have over 6000 games on it. Also, here may be a place I can give out secrets at. You may be some of the first to know about upcoming games and series'. Heres one secret: There aren't any new series' coming until Mid-June.


I just went on a was gonna switch to Nutty Summit when I saw there is no more Nutty Summit. Look.


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