Field Offices Coming Possibly Tomorrow

As you know Field Offices came out on Test 1/20/11. Well from what I heard all of the glitches are gone from them. It's also been a while since Toontown brought up the Sellbot Memo story so that makes me think they are coming very soon.

New User Page Coming Soon!

It's been a while since I've redone my user page so I decided to make a new user page with TONS of new features for the wiki! It will be the best user page in history!

Now Hiring!

I am now hiring people to be my reporters for Gamer News. I am making a new section called Eye Witness Reports which will feature opinions on certain things going on in-game. Get in a good conversation with someone in-game about a topic that's interesting to you and remember what the other toons say. Make sure you have leave me a message on what you reported by the day before the next issue of Gamer News comes out. Just comment if you want to be a reporter!

Pokechimp Never Stops

Well now there have been 4 Noobs pages and 4 accounts that have Pokechimp as the beginning. His most recent one: Pokechimp IV has been blocked until whoever this guy is has kids. He has been banned for about 32 years. But knowing him, he'll just make make another account. For now just keep undoing his edits and I'll keep blocking his new accounts as he keeps trying to come back. What I have done with the noobs pages is I made them so only administrators can create them once they've been deleted. That is why there are four Noobs pages. So for now just keep marking his pages for deletion.

Well thats all for this issue of Gamer News!

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