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A lot Getting Done

Since I've become an Admin I've gotten tons of progress getting rid of spam pages! If anyone sees a spam page put a deletion template on it! I've already gotten over 130 spam pages deleted!

Project: Move the Hackers

Project: Move the Hackers is up and running again! All the hackers have been moved to the Hacker page but the hacker pages were still there for a while. Well not for long! I am finishing this project by deleting all the hacker pages!

Find the Blogs

There is a new section of my user page that has all the issues of Gamer News with all it's sections! They are all linked so just click on it to go to the blog you want!

Hardest Task Ever

I am working on the hardest task EVER! I have to defeat 100 5+ Story Cog Buildings! So far I'm at 22/100. (I'm pretty sure) I think I could have gotten a much easier task but for some reason I picked this task. But no going back now. I just have to fight my way to the finish. But the good news is I will have plenty of time to get these buildings DESTROYED! I have gotten 12 done in the past week without having much time. Now I have lots of time and I hope to get about 10 at least done a day for the next three days.

Well thats all for this issue of Gamer News!

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