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The Newest Admin

Guess who is the newest admin. It's me, GamerPerson!! And as a new administrator I am going to focus on deleting all the spam here! I'm going to be constantly going through the candidates for speedy deletion and getting rid of all the pages that are spam and nothing but spam.

New Wordmark

In other news I have changed the wordmark of the wiki. Comment about it here and say whether you like it or not!

Project: Fake Category

My newest project is going great! Project: Fake Category is getting rid of all the spam categories here on this wiki. Category:Toontown Wiki is done and category:Toontown is currently being worked on. Feel free to help if you want!

WDP1 Cancelled

Plan:WDP1 was going to be made for the sudden outbreak of spammers but now that they are gone Plan:WDP1 has been cancelled! If anything like that happens again we may have to make a plan like that but for now we are not making any Wiki Death Plans. Hopefully we will never have to make WDP2.

New Achievement

My toon just beat a 5 floor cog building. Now what's special about that? Well I did it all alone from floor 1 to 5! This is my new record for highest building defeated by my toon! This is a very special day.

Well thats all for this issue of Gamer News!

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