Turning into a Polar Toon is a Toontastic way to enjoy the Winter Holiday! Polartoons

To make yourself as frosty as a SnowDoodle, just go visit Paula Behr at Hibernation Vacations on Polar Place in the Brrrgh.
Say the SpeedChat phrase “Howdy!” to her, and – POOF!
Your Toon is now as white as snow!

Add some winter accessories, and you’re ready to celebrate the Winter Holiday in true frosty fashion.

Brrr! - This snowy white effect melts off your Toon if you leave the freezing cold temperatures of the Brrrgh! It's just too warm and wacky in those other Neighborhoods.

Completing any of the "Just for Fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect - like the Snowman head - will melt away that wintry Polar Toon look too. After all, we don't want you to catch a cold!
To get your Snowman head back, just return to Paula Behr at Hibernation Vacations in the Brrrgh and say the SpeedChat phrase “Howdy!” to her.

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