Congratulations to our Top Toon Marathon winners! When you see Toons proudly wearing their Marathon prize shirts pictured above, make sure you congratulate them too!

Thank you to all Toons who participated in this marathon of an event. We're proud to present the Marathon Toons with the highest scores in the hour played, for each category - well done!

Most Cogs Defeated

Autumn, Beck Beck, Captain Fireball Wildbumper, Clawstrophobic Too, Drippy Gigglewig, Duck Luck, Duke of Oil, Ellimaus, Featherton, Flamingo, Frankie Ruth, Hare Louie, Katze, Kelly Mouse, Master Popcorn Cheezynugget, Melody, Noisy Tom Dandyfoot, Nolanspride, Owut A. Knight, Princess Pinky Freckletoes, Queen Maxie, Queen Peaches Precioussocks, Raven, Too Clawstrophobic

Buildings Recovered

Aaliyah, Best Kept Secret, Brownie, Catastrophe, Chunky McZilla, Cop E. Cat, Crazy Jellyroll Gigglefoot, Crazymouse, Cuddles Boingenberry, Feathurrbrainzz, Funkey, Glori Daise, Jessica, King Chip MacHopper, Lady Peaches Sparklejinks, Little Jake, Little Robin, Mason, Pancake, Pearl, Prof Bill Von Dim, Rhubarb Blubberberry, Silly Bagelgadget, Silly Bumbercrunch

Cattlelog Items Purchased

A.J., Anita Change, Bad Luck, Crazy McButterpants, Double Trouble, eddie man, Fox, Ginger Toppenburger, Halloween Magic, Lady Lunie, Miss Carrots, Miss Petunia, Murcielago, Peachdog, Pipoca, Princess, Princess Peppy Poodlepow, Rainstorm, Spunky Featherflip, Super Chester Crunchygadget, Verticalwind, Wiibob Rox, Wilbur McDoodle, Woody Widesmile

Tasks Completed

Abracatabra, Bubblebrains, Doctor Ned Jabbertoon, Finnley, Harvey, Huey, Juicy Secret, Kenny, Little Cranky Nickelmuffin, Loopy Loonabrain, Master Wildmonkey, Miss Lily Gigglefussen, Nanaly, Noisy Fancy Funnypocket, Pichuzs, Princess Curly, Princess Sally, Princess Snappy Funnyface, Sassafrass, Slumpy, Spunky Superroni, Taffy, Toon, Tropical

Trolley Games Played

Bad Luck, Batteriez Not Included, Blubbernugget, Bubbles Wondertoon, Candy Dandyroni, Catsup, D Man, Duck N. Cutie, Justin Case, Lionel, Lunar Silver Star, Mala, Pasture Bedtime, Princess Preciousmooch, Purrfect Secret, Reflection, Saela, Sandpaw, Sandy, Spade, Super Boo Boo Whiskerscreech, Super Crazy Wackyquack, Toon, Ursa Major

Fish Caught

Catooo, Chastain, Chocolate Mousse, Dark, Duke, Hoofin' Around, Joe, King Fireball, Knuddelbaerchen, Lady Poppy, Little Nutty Poodlepounce, Lizikinz, Lookout, Loopy Bumpengloop, Miss Dizzy, Miss N.A. Magnet, Miss Rainbow Zoobleton, MsBeehaven, Mummy Bunny, Rainflight, Sternchen, Tinker, Toon, Warriorr

Jellybeans Earned

Beary Hippie, Bees Tea, Coconut, Comfortably Numb, Dark Coffeebean, Dippy Zippy Sparklefish, Floyd, Good ol' Chip Hucklebump, Hallows Eve, Hogan, Kaylee Kitty Kat, Lady Lily Petalpoof, Lime Green Grass, Little Jerry's Buddy, Lorraine, Miss Knaberchen, Monkey U, Purrpetually Confuzzled, Royale Payne, Sir Salty Wonderteeth, Super Flapjack Octosplat, Sweet Melody, Thedad, Toona Melt

Gifts Given

Cool Fancy, Crazy Lefty Rockendoodle, Doctor Purplebounce, Good ol' J.C. Rufflebrains, holly, Hotwings, Jim, King Oswald Fiddleblabber, Legendary Black Cat, Lily Preciousfish, Little Crumblewig, Little Fluffy Whiskerswirl, Master Skippy Bumpentooth, Miss Little Squeaker, Miss Smart, Mystery, Phantomkit, Princess Bonnie Giggledoodle, Princess Furball Fuzzyface, Princess Rosie, Silly Zilly Dynoflipper, some bunny, Tae, Toonninator

Most Races Won

Amiacat, Bam Bam, Best Player, black cat, Cat Scratch Fever, Dark Fairybelle, Deputy Picklecorn, Dizzy, Fancy, Foot Jr, Freedom Fighter Hound, Gigglenoodle, Little Binky Twinklenose, Loopy, Pebbles, Princess Prier, Princess Rainbow Funnymuffin, Prof. Poodlezilla, Runnin' On Empty, Sniffy Petalsticks, Team Jacob, Wacko, Zany, Zowie McSnooker

Holes in One

Aaron, Alicia, Big Cheese, Big Ryatt, C.J., Catlady, Cheetah, Doggy Rainbow, Duke Pickletooth, Element Of Surpurrise, Eye Of The Tiger, Kleine Minky, La La La, Miracle Fix, Miracle Flip, Quietscheentchen, Racing Against Time, Semper Fi, Silly Slappy, Star, Super Frizzy Twinklesticks, Top Secret, Whiskers, Wistful Kitty

Courses Under Par

Angel Food Cake, Bevo, Black Ice, Cuteypie, Doctor Frizzy Flippenbouncer, Epic Deja Voo, Geek, Ice, Jeepers, Lady Preciouspop, Midnight, Miracle Vip, Miss Chunky Cheezyburger, Miss Marigold Petalzapper, Penelope Monstrosity, Perky Scamp Purrs, Princess Lollipop Lemondoodle, Quack-A-Doodle, Rachel, Super Dog, Super Orville Palezap, Super Popcorn, The Master, Wombat

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