Everyone has their own ideas about what's going to be put behind the "Construction in Progress" tunnel in Chip and Dale's playground. From Cog HQ's to a new minigame, nobody is really sure--but I just had an idea that I wish Toontown would do. What if the new place was a Cog training facility? No, I don't mean a place for the Cogs to train; it would be a place purely for the Toons' benefit. You could go in and find out what makes those Cogs tick--by becoming a Cog yourself! Firstly, this facility would be a sort of playground, and it would have 3 streets available to go on. Your Toon dresses up as a Cog, uses Cog weapons, and battles fake "Toons" on the streets. You could take over buildings, gain your Cog's level, and basically just find out what it's like to be a Cog. The idea is that it would give Toons an inside look at what Cogs do, so that Toons are more prepared for battling those evil Cogs. Really, it's just an excuse to become a Cog for a little while. It would be interesting to see how the other half lives! What do you guys think?

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