• Flowerbender

    Everyone has their own ideas about what's going to be put behind the "Construction in Progress" tunnel in Chip and Dale's playground. From Cog HQ's to a new minigame, nobody is really sure--but I just had an idea that I wish Toontown would do. What if the new place was a Cog training facility? No, I don't mean a place for the Cogs to train; it would be a place purely for the Toons' benefit. You could go in and find out what makes those Cogs tick--by becoming a Cog yourself! Firstly, this facility would be a sort of playground, and it would have 3 streets available to go on. Your Toon dresses up as a Cog, uses Cog weapons, and battles fake "Toons" on the streets. You could take over buildings, gain your Cog's level, and basically jus…

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