Jellybean Week wraps up sweetly with Toon Troopers bringing beans by the bunches this weekend!

Toon Trooper Jellybean Weekend

Troopers TYCHO, TABITHA, TRAVIS and of course TEO will be throwing out jellybeans a’ plenty this Saturday and Sunday, June 15 – 16 at these times both days:

11am – 12pm and 4pm – 5pm (Toontown Time)

Keep a lookout for those Toon Troopers in Playgrounds and Toon Parties in Districts that start with the goofy letter “G”:

  • Giggly Bay
  • Gigglyfield
  • Giggly Grove
  • Gigglyham
  • Giggly Hills
  • Goofy Valley
  • Giggly Point
  • Goofyport

While you're looking for Toon Troopers, check out the Grand Prix Weekend winners now listed in an all-new Toon News... For the Amused! The brand new racing outfit zooms into the winners' Toon mailboxes this weekend!

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