The Toon Resistance has sent out the call, "Beware, the ides of March..." meaning those devious Lawbots are making their move this week, with Backstabber Cog invasions!


Backstabbers are making it a point to invade the streets of Toontown very soon this Wednesday, March 14 and Thursday, March 15.

Reports are coming in that the Cogs plan to invade both days at these times: 2am - 5am PST 12pm - 3pm PST 6pm - 9pm PST

So watch your backs, Toons - and protect Toontown from those Backstabbers!

Luckily the Toon Resistance has cleared these Districts as safe zones from the invading Backstabbers:

Crazy Grove Gigglyfield
Giggly Hills Goofy Valley
Silly Valley Zany Acres

Toons who want to avoid a stabbing headache and steer clear of the invasions should go to the above Districts.
Toons of the World... Unite!

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