Time for Toontastic Trick-or-Treating From October 22 to November 1, round up your Toon friends, put on your costume and accessories, and Trick-or-Treat to earn jellybeans - and a Jack-O-Lantern for a head! Here’s how:

  • Members can purchase the “Trick or Treat!” SpeedChat phrase from the Cattlelog.
  • Visit the six Shopkeepers who are taking part, in any order, and say “Trick or Treat!” to them.

Who ARE the Shopkeepers? Solve the Puzzle by clicking here, or pickup clues from the characters in the Playgrounds.

  • Once you’ve visited the sixth Shopkeeper, POOF! Your head is a Jack-O-Lantern until November 1!

Your Jack-O-Lantern head will last until Halloween is over, but completing any of the "Just for Fun" ToonTasks that reward a Toon-changing effect will remove it. To get your Pumpkin Head back, just go to any of the participating Shopkeepers and use your "Trick or Treat!" SpeedChat phrase again.

BEWARE: Some hats and glasses accessories may look ghastly when worn with the Pumpkin Heads – some may even seem to disappear like a ghost! If you don’t like the way a hat or glasses looks with your Pumpkin Head, just take off that accessory. Once the Pumpkin Head wears off, you can always put the accessory back on.

You can only Trick-or-Treat once, so be sure that there is enough room in your Jellybean Bank for all your Halloween loot: 600 jellybeans.


Some Toons had an issue where they got their Pumpkin Head, but not their jellybean treat. As of Thursday morning, this has now been fixed! If you now Trick-or-Treat to the six Shopkeepers in the puzzle, you will receive your sweet jellybean treats as well as your Pumpkin Head!


If you were in the middle of Trick-or-Treating to all six Shopkeepers when this was fixed this morning, please make sure you visit ALL six of those Shopkeepers in the puzzle again, even if you already used your "Trick or Treat!" Speedchat phrase with them. Then you too will get all your treats - with no tricks!

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