Street M.A.P.S. Hit the Spot How are you liking new Street M.A.P.S.?

Every Toon can use Street M.A.P.S. - just remember to be in a Street!

Street M.A.P.S. Hit the Spot2
To try out M.A.P.S., just go to any Street in Toontown, and click the little Map just above your Shticker Book. Or press the “Alt” key on your keyboard.
Street M.A.P.S. Hit the Spot3

Hopefully you're finding these Toontastic M.A.P.S. to be most helpful – especially when it comes to tracking certain Cogs on specific Streets, and knocking out those ToonTasks!
Street M.A.P.S. Hit the Spot4

Let the Toon Scientists know what YOU think...

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