The Resistance Rangers thank all you brave Toons for battling back those Glad Hander and Legal Eagle invasions - with sweet jellybeans in your victory parties!

Resistance Rangers Salute Toons Sweetly

Resistance Rangers know it took a lot of 'beans to buy enough gags to knock out those Cogs, so they're ready to fill your banks back up this weekend!

Rangers RUPERT, RAVEN, RHETT and RANDOLPH thank Toons with jellybeans this Saturday and Sunday, July 20 – 21 at these times, both days:

11am – 12pm and 4pm – 5pm (Toontown Time)

Keep a lookout for those Resistance Rangers in Playgrounds and Toon Parties in Districts that start with the goofy letter “G”:

  • Giggly Bay
  • Gigglyfield
  • Giggly Grove
  • Gigglyham
  • Giggly Hills
  • Goofy Valley
  • Giggly Point
  • Goofyport

And the Toon Resistance let slip that the Resistance Rangers may have one more little surprise left this month – stay Tooned...

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