Backstabbers began their march on Toontown today and those clumsy, clanking contraptions have already made a mess over on Oak Street in Daisy Gardens.
Those pointy-headed Cogs punctured a main pipeline at Green Bean Jeans - and there's green dye everywhere!


Of course, Toons always turn the messiest muddle into Toontastic fun - and they're already doing it by turning themselves GREEN! Just stop by the Green Bean Jeans building and say one of your ‘Green’ SpeedChat phrases to the owner, Eugene.
Then POOF - you turn yourself a grand shade of green!

The goopy green dye lasts only for a day – and if you want to do it again, you can go back to visit Eugene as often as you like.

Don't forget to add on the great green clothes and accessories available right now in Clarabelle's Cattlelog too.
Make those Cogs go green with envy, and beat back the Backstabber invasions in a whole new color!

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