Christmas was yesterday. I didn't get many gifts, but I got what I've wanted for 3 months now: A TOONTOWN MEMBERSHIP!!!! I thought I was only getting a six-month one, but....... I got one for A. WHOLE. YEAR. You can't imagine how happy I am right now!!

First I'll get my new gags, update my user page, then buy a gift for the people on friends list. I was about to take "Toontown Membership" off my wish list because both Theevina and Flying got rid of their memberships recently. (Well, Theevina tried.) But then I said, "Just because they don't want it, doesn't mean I don't want it!"

So, yeah, I got what I wanted....... and more!

Have a Happy "Winter Holiday"!!!! Flower1470 Read about me! Talk to me (if you want to)!

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