Staring........ YOU!!! I was laughing myself silly after I had this one:


I was on the beach. I saw a group of people, so I decided to go over there. I hear a person yell: "BERMUDA!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!!" Then: "FLYING SQUIRREL!!!! YOU TOO!!!" At this point, I was running over there, thinking that you guys were over there. Then, in a quieter voice, "Theevina, I shouldn't have to call you too." I got there. I could have sworn that he/she (I couldn't tell) was about to say "Toontastic Toon" but "Theevina" cut he/she off, saying, "Just get on with it!!" They talked for like, thirty seconds, then they went back into water. I chased after them (I'm not a fast runner) then said, "HEY!!" as loud as I could. "Theevina" snapped back, "What do you want?!?!" I reply, "Okay...... Umm.. you do play Toontown?" All I get is, "What do you care?" I was like, fine, be rude. Trying to just get to the point, I say, "I'm on the Toontown Wiki, and I know you are too." "Bermuda" says, "So.... which user are you? Oh, And please excuse my brother, he's always like this...." This is my reaction: :O I (Slowly) say, "Flower1470." Finally, I get a smile. "Nice to officially meet you!" Out of nowhere, a fire alarm goes off. I whip around, to see a house on fire!! Everyone ignores it. That's when I wake up.

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