You can be whatever kind of Toon you want to be. It’s all up to you!
And Clarabelle’s latest and wackiest accessories make it so easy to do…


Why just the other day I saw a flock of five winged bat Toons dart into a Lawbot HQ… or were they dragons? Either way, I bet the Cogs inside flipped their big wigs when they saw those Toons coming!


Riding the Trolley later, I had a Toontastic time watching Toon Tag with a determined copper Toon in his bobby hat chasing a bunny grabbing up all the ice cream cones in his secret ID mask!

When I jumped off the Trolley, I marveled at a heroic Toon in her red cape and boots saving a brave little bear from a mean Mingler invasion!


Whether you’re a firefighter, a princess, a superToon, or just a superstar, the Toontastic accessories you wear definitely make you stand out in the silliest of ways!

What kind of Toon do your accessories make YOU?

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