This is weird, so I need to know what you think happened here.

My friend, Dudly McSpeed, has been my friend since I started, and we did our Toontasks together. One day, we were on our way to Minnie's Melodyland, and he stopped, opened his sticker book and said, "please don't bother me" then left. He logged out about a half-hour later. I haven't seen him since. He was my best friend, now gone. He's still on my friends list though, which really confuses me. This was almost 2 months ago.

These are ideas that came to me: He got banned, His mom doesn't allow him to go on tt, or we just keep missing each other.

What do you think?


"Best friends forever, best friends forever, best friends forever ring!" ~ Spongebob's and Patrick's BBF rings

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