BRRR-ring! That's the call of the most chilling of Cogs – the Cold Caller!

Cold Callers Come A-Callin'

The unseasonably wacky winter weather seems to be calling forth these frosty fellows in force. Invading Cold Callers plan to put Toontown in a deep freeze on Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday, September 12 at these times (all Pacific Time):

  • 2am - 5am
  • 12pm - 3pm
  • 6pm - 9pm

If you'd like to avoid the icy invaders altogether, the Resistance Rangers have melted these Districts into safe zones:

  • Crazy Grove
  • Gigglyfield
  • Giggly Hills
  • Goofy Valley
  • Silly Valley
  • Zany Acres

The Toon Resistance recommends keeping your Squirting Flower gags thawed out and ready. After all, water melts ice and rusts robot parts!

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