• Flippy 311

    Tip 1: Always do the saying (sound,inv.long or short its optional)

    Tip 2: Go to the district Nutty River! ( it matters a whole bunch, why? because river adds merit points to your merit bar when theirs a invasion which happens 24\7.

    Tip 3: Never go with Toons With under the laff of 80. (why? because it is possible the toon will train a certain gag track in the factory that will take especially long.)

    Tip 4:If you see a uber toon PICK HIM OR HER!: (why? because some uber's will risk their life for you if your in danger of dieing. This is the mission of a uber)

    Tip 5: Dont go with toons with higher than 120 laff. (Why? Toons with that much laff is helpful but some are especially bossy. So pick with caution.

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