Hey guys! I've been thinking about this for a little bit of time, and I want to make a sort-of-clan called Wiki United. (called We key United on ToonTown) In this sort-of-clan, we would do runs of the Sellbot Factory and VP Battle. We would do them by schedule, or by request. Would you like to join? Leave a comment on this blog post and/or a message on my talk page.

Eventually, we can do Cashbot Mint, CFO, District Attorney's Office, CJ, Golf Course, and CEO runs. However, as I don't have the suits for them at this time, it's a no-go.


There is a possibility you will not get accepted. Here is a list of chances to get accepted. Please note that you CAN get accepted without some of these factors.

  • You can not be a low-laff uber (under 20). The only exception to this is if you have VERY good gags.
  • You should have a Sellbot suit. (this only applies for VP. We do Factory runs for Suit Parts and Merits) It doesn't matter what Cog you are, we accept any rank! That's what we're here for!
  • You should have Lure, somewhat high Sound, or Toon-Up. (It doesn't matter which, any of them are fine!)


We are looking for unlimited members. The reason for this is that, for example, if we ONLY have 8 members and one of them can't make it to a VP run, we would be one Toon short, and that's no good.

--Dragonian King Talk Blog 00:15, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

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