Hi guys. I wanna tell you a ridiculous thing that happened to my best friend on ToonTown, Rage, yesterday.

Okay, so you all probably know that you cannot say the word rage on ToonTown, right? Well his toon name is Rage. He has been on live chat about this several times, including yesterday. So he was talking to this guy named "Don", and Don said that rage was a "bad word" so they would never allow it. Then he said that sometimes "bad words" like that slip through the filter and that they usually destroyed these toons. Rage freaked out, but he wasn't banned. However, (we were in a Cog Building at the time), as I was attacking a cog, I saw him say something, but the name was "Toon". After I said something, Rage noticed it too, and then Don said that he DELETED his name, so now he is known as Toon.

Crazy right? He's coping with it now (probably because he submitted a new name for his toon to use), but I think it's ridiculous. How in the world is rage a bad word? And why did the guy from ToonTown say it was a bad word, while another time he chatted with them and they said that they might bring it up to be an accepted word at the next staff meeting?

I'd like your input on this subject. --Dragonian King Talk Blog 20:51, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

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