• DogzillaToon

    Same thing as last time happened just last night, down at Boingy Acres-- 49 invasions. But this time each invasion lasted about 7 minutes and a half.

    Here's a picture of me fighting the Big Cheeses. 4 of them, actually.

    So yes, lots of people probably missed this one, since they were most likely asleep. This happened near 11:00.

    Wow-- 2 Mega Invasions in a row. That's got to be a new record. Eh, seeya.

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  • DogzillaToon

    What The Invasions?

    August 3, 2011 by DogzillaToon

    From 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Cog Invasions ran NONSTOP.

    Every single Cog, from the weakest to the strongest, from the Bossbots to the Sellbots, had it's own invasion, which means, there were 49 invasions in 6 hours.

    Which was good, because I needed a Spin Doctor for a quest.

    Earlier today was the first time I ever ran into a Mr. Hollywood. Here's the picture. By the way, I used this to create my new profile image.

    I heard these invasions happen before and are called "All-Out Invasions", and are very rare. Glad I caught a picture. And I easily filled out most of my Cog Gallery after all those cogs in one spot. Huzzah!

    Also, somebody told me this would happen again tomorrow and even be featured in the Toontown Newspaper.

    I can't wait for more. Seeya.

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  • DogzillaToon

    I'm Huge.

    July 27, 2011 by DogzillaToon

    Well, only for a day, that's how I got my name. I'm as tall as my toon could be made. I got a quest that would make me huge if I finished it, found out I'd only be that way for 20 minutes, and I was huge for the REST OF THE DAY. I swear to god. But when I finally exited out of the game, the glitch ended.

    I hope Toontown doesn't fix this soon, but if they do, I'll see if I can glitch myself small for the rest of the day. Seeya guys latah!

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