Hi Toons!

If your following or just browsing aroound, I just wanted to let you know that I will be writing a blog every SATURDAY about polls, recent invasions and/or my toontasks. First, I wanted to give a poll.

Poll :

Who is your favorite Disney Character?

A. Mickey Mouse.

B. Minnie Mouse

C. Donald Duck

D. Daisy Duck

E. Goofy

F. Pluto

G. Chip n' Dale

H. Clarabelle

I. Scrooge McDuck

In favor of my most common toon, I love Daisy Duck (D) because of her personality, her style and her emotions.

The most recent invasion I have noticed that happened alot was in Nutty River with Telemarketers. I don't think there should be invasions because the toons who don't need those cogs are suffering to get the other cogs defeated. I understand that you can change districts but it's my opinion.

Lastly, my toontask for Dippy Sourfink is defeat 20 4+ floor buildings anywhere, so far I have three done.

If you want, you can comment on this is or jsut say hi & I will answer anyones questions about anything. Any thing you want me to change, I will work on it.


Dippy Sourfink. *

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