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    Okay, there's something that's been on my mind for quite a while now, and it's Cog Nation. I'm just really want to know whether or not it's coming out and if it's real and all that. I don't play ToonTown, so I don't have any proof of my own, but with all the pictures and clues I keep finding on THE INTERNET, it's gotta come out. The last Cog HQ they made was Bossbot Clubhouse, and that was five years ago, so if it's coming out, I bet it'll be huge. And the updates made during the last four years (Field Offices, Accessories, Silly Meter, etc.) must be to keep people interested so they don't quit, while concept art and sounds and other stuff for Cog Nation is being made. Plus, based on several websites, there are lots of glitches and hackers…

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