Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very sad that Toontown closed, but it's helped to learn something I'll never forget.

Toontown helped me learn that everything is from God, and he didn't put these things in our lives just for our enjoyment. He put them in our lives so we would use them to glorify and honor him, and I know that not everything I've done on Toontown was to glorify and honor him. In fact, not really anything I've done on Toontown was for that purpose.

But today I know that giving glory and honor to God is what I should have been using Toontown for. In fact, we all should have been using Toontown to give glory and honor to God. In fact, I wish that was what we all had used Toontown for since day one.

So if we ever get to play Toontown again, I'm only going to use it to give glory and honor to our God, and I really hope all of you who read this decide to join me. 


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