Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to this wiki, despite the fact that I love ToonTown. I thought I'd start off by making a blog post based on Teleportation Toons, forgive me if there already has been one.

Basically, in each playground, there is a specific spot that you have to stand in. Currently, I only know of two; Sellbot HQ and The Brrrgh. Then, say the SpeedChat phrase, "Meet here." (Please note that all in speech marks must be in SpeedChat.) Then, somebody will teleport to you, but beware, these people who teleport to you are hackers. Their names begin with Crazy and are followed by one other word. They have very low laff, around 15. They say "Please be my friend!" and if you add them, they say "Where shall we go?" And you would reply like this; "Let's go to (insert name of playground)!"

Then, they say "Let's go!" And teleports to whichever playground that you stated. You teleport to them, and they stop being friends with you and go away. During this process, the hackers may steal credit card information, account information, may take away your membership if you have one and gets your account banned. Credit to my friend Ace for some of the information above.

Thanks, hopefully I'll be making more blog posts and edits soon! Just in case anyone wants to say hi on Toontown, most days I'm found in The Brrrgh or Donald's Dreamland in River or Summit. My name is Jazzy Whiskerwhip, I am currently a 61 laffer and a purple cat. ;)

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