I was on ToonTown today and I noticed that there were mega Legal Eagle invasions. I saw this as an opportunity to train my gags, and decided to help some of the lower toons. As I was on Barnacle Boulevard, I noticed that there were about 18 Legal Eagles on the street and 14 Cog Buildings. I then noticed a few toons struggling to keep up with the damage of four Level 7 cogs. As I watched two toons go sad in the battle, I was beckoned over to help. The battle ended about five minutes later.

This was very hard for the lower toons, and I felt pitiful for them as they were going sad by the minute. Also, this invasion aggravated lots of toons, with a result of Nutty River being practically empty. These stopped ToonTown for a while and the number of toons online slowly decreased. I heard of the Glad Hander invasions yesterday, but unfortunately I wasn't on to do all of those Field offices. Too bad, 'eh?

Anyway, I only got on for about half an hour, not long at all, but it was a good way to get going and get your gags up.

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