Well, I'm putting this in a blog post to get peoples attention, we might have a userspace policy coming soon, so here's some of the text I have made for it:


Not allowed

This is fairly standard, no pornographic information/photos, and other content which is not allowed is:

  • A profile of non-Toontown related information (or wiki related)
  • Hate about a certain user or person
  • One liners which don't state anything helpful or just state the obvious (this includes under construction pages)

Any userpages that qualify under the above will most likely be deleted.


  • A fan profile of a users Toons, or other information related to Toontown or the wiki.
  • Any of the not allowed of the above not on the list is okay.

What should be in an average userpage?

  • Information on how a user edits (i.e. the type of edits, the namespace they will be editing the most, etc.)
  • Information about the user (i.e. a short summary of the users life, not anything personal that shouldn't be given out, etc.)
    • If a user gives out personal information that should be kept safe and not given out, the userpage will most likely be deleted.
  • Fan profile.


Don't over edit your userpage(s), contribute first, then edit them. This is an encyclopedia, not a social networking website. Get a Facebook if you want to record every moment of your life here.

So just some of it, what do you think? Its still kinda inwork right now, so its gonna probably take awhile for this to complete.

Questions about this

  • What happens after a user has received 3 userspace warnings and edits excessively again?

They will be banned from editing their userpage(s) until a week for the first ban, the second 2 weeks, the third 4 weeks, and the fifth would be banned forever. The admins' when they ban will protect their page to admin only editing.

  • And wait! There's another alternative!

If it is needed, a user will be banned until they make a certain amount of edits to the mainspace. For example, if they only edits their userpage, then they would be banned until the make 30 edits to the mainspace (example; NOT a real number!).

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