( Update: April 9th, 2012. Thanks to everyone who came! That was alot of fun, Including bringing Mini Super along! What joy ( And Torture ) he was :P. Anyways, thanks to all who came! Thanks to Dino Mite, Lily Butterfly, Silly Slippy Pepper Hopper, King Duke Spakle Flipper ETC., You all made this an enjoyable expierience! )

Birthday Thank you!

Thanks everyone for coming!

Hi guys! It's me Chris! My birthday is coming up ( April 9th ) and I'm made a Toontown party to celebrate! This is the time:

12:45 Toontown time ( 3:45 EST time ) ( April 9th of Course :P )

Everyone on my friends list is invited! So if your on my list, hope to see you there! If not, You can come! Make sure to bring tooniest smile. :)

Anyone, hope to see you there! ( If anyone wants to be my friend, I'll be more than happy to! If you wanna be my friend on another toon, just ask, and i'll get right on him! )

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