The Founders of the Cabbage Man Clan, Flappy (left) and Ginger (right).


The Cabbage Man Clan is a small clan mainly located in Toon Valley, Toontown Central. It's only known members are the founders of the clan, Flappy and Ginger (pictured right). There are said to be somewhere around 11 members currently overall in the Cabbage Man Clan (As of 7/22/11). Membership in the clan is open to all. Despite the name, the clan is not just for men, or cabbage.

Clan Activities

The Cabbage Man Clan mainly focuses on riding the trolley and extravagantly telling others about their clan while on the trolley. Some of their soliciting includes "Cabbage! Cabbage! Cabbage!" and, "JOIN THE CABBAGE MAN CLAN! It is right for you." You can find usually find the Cabbage Men, as they call themselves on the trolley or in Toon Valley TTC from about 8pm PST to 3am PST. The Cabbage Man Clan also loves to host game shows, and have parties.


Currently the only official members are Ginger and Flappy. However, there are many non-official, non-documented members as well. There is also an "Honorary Members" list that contains approximately 9 members as of 7/22/2011. As stated earlier, membership into the clan is free for everyone, no requirements whatsoever.

Name and Meaning

The Cabbage Man Clan, despite it's misleading name is not focused around cabbage or around men, nor do you have to be either to join. The name was simply catchy and fun. The Cabbage Man Clan also does not like to eat cabbage, nor are they cabbage themselves.


The Cabbage Man Clan and it's members try their best not to have any enemies at all, but sadly a few have arisen. The number one enemy of the Cabbage Men is wizards. If you care called a wizard by a Cabbage Man, it is a great insult. The combonation of Freckles Wizard is an even greater insult. In the Cabbage Men's eyes, wizards are evil and not to be trusted. If you are a wizard, do not go near the Clan. The Cabbage Men also do not like the name Tom, and they don't like wind either.

Funny Cabbage Man Sayings

The Cabbage Men have a number of things they say to try and get you interested in their clan, including somen of the following:

"The Cabbage Man Clan is the best man clan!"


"Cabbage!! It is right for you! Indeed!"

"HEY! You should join the Cabbage Man Clan!"


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