Hey Toons! Looks like Wikia has updated the whole network again! Here's some of the major changes:

  • The gray bar with the [Edited 2 hours ago by (username)] is now gone. Also, the History link can be found in the Edit dropdown.

Also, some bug fixes are coming about:

  • The <small></small> tag has stopped working. However, this Wiki has a special .css code in which small tags will work. (Our wiki was affected too, and I managed to report this to Community Central via Forums.)
  • The links that are on the Wiki Activity [Followed Pages only > See all changes] is gone. They may need to fix that too.
  • Another known issue: the [Customize] button on your Toolbar (with the MY TOOLS) is displaying nothing. Should be fixed soon (hopefully).

Also, some new things are coming to Wikia!

  • Chat! Chat is now in beta mode!

For more information, please visit Community Central.

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