You may have seen our two newest Toons, RockStarBR and Hanaroni on Disney Channel TV, talking about all these new Sellbot Field Offices in Toontown!

Toons Get Connected

Now your Toon can get the same Toontastic new Get Connected Sellbot Field Office shirt! How do you get it? Easy! Just go here and follow the steps.

Every Toon can get one Get Connected Sellbot Field Office shirt from now until May 15, 2011.

Get Connected Toons RockStarBR and Hanaroni would love to meet you! They’ll be in Toontown every Saturday and Sunday through April. You can usually find them in Toontown Central in these Districts:

  • Bouncy Summit
  • Kooky Grove
  • Welcome Valley

You’ll know it’s them by the special Get Connected symbol floating over them:

Get Connected Symbol

So make sure you give them a warm and wacky Toontown welcome!

Toons of the World Unite and Get Connected!!

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