Hey Toons! As some of you have seen pictures of those Gag Icons, I just want to make it spread out to the entire wiki: YOU CAN USE THOSE GAG ICONS FOR YOUR HOMEPAGE! Some of the userpages I've seen look like this:

Gag Track Gags
Lure Hypno Goggles
... ...

Or just simple:

Lure: Hypno Goggles

...: ...

Want to spruce up your Userpage? Add these Icons!!!

Gags Icons

Save this picture, Edit it however you like, Add to your userpage!

Just save the picture(or Copy), Edit it, and Add to your Userpage!

And now if you look at this:

LureHypno Goggles

'I used fullscreen, which is about '87x60px.

The Icons also can be found somewhere around the Gallery. You can still edit this picture if you like.

I will probably start making Cog Suit Icons, as soon as my recently fixed computer is... well... fixed again. Apparently, when it came back, I had my Hard Drive removed, so I'm empty and cannot update my Toontown. :'(

I will UPDATE when the time comes. As for now, ENJOY!

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