Welcome to Top Toon of June 2012! In this blog, I am here to inform you that the Top Toon program is on a break. Now, before you get out those torches and pitchforks and chasing me around town, I would like to say that you all have been doing a great job on the wiki. This top toon program started back in March 2011, back when it was a Top Toon for every two weeks; though, I thought about it and made it each month.

Well, the main reason is, I've been pretty busy lately, therefore, I haven't been much active lately. I have a lot going down, and I need to finish my work. That doesn't mean I am going away. Though, I did plan to retire Wikia within this year, before December. I have personal reasons for that, so don't be asking me why - just a hint: school.

Another main reason is that the way the users treat the Top Toon system, in a way, irks me. Once they've been a Top Toon, some have left the wiki/put aside editing without a reason. When nominated, some feel it's important to win. I am not a robot, and even if that would be nice to shoot lasers and talk all robot-like, I can't always guarantee I'll be working to keep everyone happy. It would be nice if you would treat the program with some respect and not put the program as an important value in your life. It's just a way to say you have been doing a great job.

Another reason is that the user population is quite low. Nominating users take some time. I have to: check a user's contributions, behavior, edit activity, etc. After that, I still have to create the blog. I also would have to update some monthly features, such as the poll.

If I do retire, I will be passing on the Top Toon business to someone knowledgeable and trustworthy - to someone who doesn't have a lot of pressure in their hands.

Well enough about that. While you've been reading this, I've made a head-start running away from the mob. Good luck catching up to me!


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