It's tough to feature users every two weeks. How about a user is featured every month! How cool is that! Starting June, five users who have worked tremendously will be nominated for hard work for this wiki! And here are the nominees for the month of June!

Now your prize? A chance to be featured on the main page, along with a color name changed! What color do you want? Click here for Web Colors or visit the Color Picker website for hexidecimal codes. (Hexidecimal codes consist of six numbers and/or letters; ex: 0D5FB8)

What color name changed? This one: Bermuda is DarkOrange. No need to add <font color="blah blah"></font>! It's all taken care of and doesn't need much effort! Also, it'll be everywhere, from Recent Changes to Articles, it's everywhere (I just said that...)!

Suggest a prize too by commenting below!


The voting has ended! And the winner is...


Winning with 8 votes, he will be featured on the main page, have their color name changed, and have a blog color! Congratulations on winning the Top Toon vote! July's nomination starts now! Vote for July's nominees on this page!

Have fun!

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