Hey toons! Welcome to the Top Toon blog! The Top Toon is a fun way to get users active on the wiki to edit, upload some images, and more! If you dedicate yourself to the wiki, you might be nominated by yours truly, Bermuda! Five users are nominated for their hard work. If you are nominated, you can suggest an italicized user name color! Not only that, we'll also throw in a dedication on the main page! Good luck nominees!


Here are the nominees for February 2012. Remember to pick a color for your username. You can pick one through this website:


  • User name color:


  • User name color: #C275E6 - Flower1470


  • User name color: #F50786 - Loving77


  • User name color: #9000FF - Oshawott497


  • User name color:


Voting has ended, and the winner is... ToontasticToon212!

Congratulations! See User blog:Bermuda/Top Toon of March 2012 for the next voting process!

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