Hey Toons! I've created a new Toontown Wiki! However, unlike how this Wiki includes every part of Toontown, this Wiki is all about Toontasks! That's right! Toontasks! Though, we can still have Toontasks here, but Toontasks Wiki is more indepth.

Toontasks Wiki

If you'd like to help out, you can!

Also, please name articles Task:(Toon's Name). Change Toon to the name of the Toon giving the Task.


  • Ex: Task:Leo
  • Ex: Task:Flippy
  • Ex: Task:Lil Oldman

I might put up the Createbox. If not, click Add Page and input Task:(Toon's Name).

I also need help with the About section. Toons that have more than 1 Toontask should go to the same page.

Anyways, I need your help inputting all Toontasks into this Wiki! It doesn't mean we can stop here. We can work on this too!

I'm still trying to figure out how the format for the Toontask would be. Just input your information down on the page, until someone formats the Toontask. Maybe a Table would work... maybe...

I'm also sprucing up the Main Page. You may see some activity there.

And... I'm also hiring experienced writers and undoer(undos Spam) to become Admin. Just ask me on my Talk Page! Or, if the Request User Rights is in the Admin Nav, you can ask there. The best editor will also become Bureaucrat, secretly. :)

Toontasks Wiki is not intended to replace this Wiki! It should only contain Toontasks.

Nights Contact Me! 06:40, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

You might respond when I'm in school tomorrow. So, just comment on Toontasks Wiki on my Talk Page!

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