Hey Toons! I think it would be best to replace the current image on the template for each Toon-Up Gags. Feel free to upload more of the same topic, but input a gallery. Don't worry about the look for inputting the gallery, I'll work on it. If there's already a gallery, please use the current gallery.

The images on the Toon-Up templates are the trading cards. We want it to look like the other Gag pages, right? Anyways, for badge collectors, this is your opportunity to gain some Adding-Pictures badges. We don't want Toontown Wiki to be pictureless and... BLAH, right? Now, it's your moment to shine!

Feel free to even upload a High Dive image. If one looks better than the other image, you can replace the current image with the new image. You may also choose to upload some pictures for the other Gags, but try to diverse them into different things, such as a Lure Gag luring a Cog into a Trap Gag or a Birthday Cake missing or Sound Gags working together (either the same Gag or a variety of Sound Gags). There are many possibilities, but I can't list them all! Can't think of anything? I'll list some:

  • Gags missing
    • Cogs missing a Drop Gag
    • Lure Gags not luring
    • Toon-Ups missing (Toons saying "heh" and other weak laughs)
    • Non-hilarious Megaphone jokes... whoops, someone's new project is coming for writing down all Megaphone jokes!
  • Gags hitting
  • Lure Gags luring Cogs to Trap Gags
  • Sound Gags working together, either using the same Gags or different Gags
  • Trap Gags going "poof" (two people on this wiki should work together on this, to avoid "You Stink!" and other sort)
  • Smooshed-by-Drop-Gags Cogs (Cogs that got hit by Drop Gags)
  • The shadows on the Drop Gags
  • Throw Gags working together with Lure Gags (Lure Bonus)
  • Squirt Gags working together with Lure Gags (Lure Bonus)
  • A Cog that is about to fall because they tripped on a Banana Peel or other Gags
  • Rakes that hit
  • Marbles that trip
  • Quicksands that sinks Cogs
  • Trap Doors
  • TNT going boom!
  • Drop Gags missing because of Lure Gags (again, two people on this wiki should work together)

That's not much, but there's more!

Well, have fun editing! Hope to see the progress!

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